Dear Puppet Labs, I got your wishlist. Because you’ve been good this year, I tweeted my friend, Patrick Debois, and he created this comic just for you. — Santa

The 10th Annual VMworld US is next week and it’s going to be epic: 21,000 attendees, 350 in-depth sessions, 26 hands-on labs, and 275 sponsors and exhibitors.

What's service virtualization? It's the simulation of a complex application, database or other computing service in a testing environment.

Continuous delivery makes it possible to keep web apps updated and fresh. Increasingly, continuous delivery is also making it possible for manufacturers of hard goods to update their products, too.

Every operations veteran has at least one good story, usually of when things went terribly wrong, or when they were keeping a machine alive on a wing and a prayer. Here are some tales from the team at Puppet Labs.

Continuous delivery makes it feasible to introduce new features and functions quickly and reliably. It's also a competitive advantage.

While some argue about what a DevOps engineer is — and whether the title actually means anything — Bess Sadler has just hired one.

Happy "Monday-After-System Administrator Appreciation Day!" While our SysAdmin Appreciation Day GIF Contest is still going strong through midnight tonight, we're in the throes of celebrating our very own operations folks.

Companies that want to introduce new features to customers quickly are either already practicing continuous delivery or working towards it — or they should be.

Could DevOps ideas be the key to a happier, more productive working life? Here are some KPIs used by people who use DevOps practices.