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Discover the power of automating your IT operations with Puppet Enterprise. Make rapid changes across infrastructure, on premise or in the cloud, while enforcing consistency of systems, applications and devices to quickly and cost effectively adapt to the needs of your business. ​

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Puppet Enterprise Master-Agent Configuration

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  1. Select the operating system, version and architecture for your Puppet Enterprise master
  2. Sign up for the download
  3. Download a master installer.
    Later you can download agents for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, and AIX.
  4. Follow the Quick Start Guide to get step-by-step instructions for using Puppet Enterprise. Your first 10 nodes are free.

System Requirements

Install your Puppet Enterprise master on a compatible Linux system. Puppet Enterprise agents run on supported Linux, AIX, Microsoft Windows, and Solaris systems. View the complete system requirements.

Select your operating system of choice for your Puppet master

Additional Installers

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Windows user?

The Learning VM is a virtual machine that enables you to pick up enough Linux knowledge to set up and manage a puppet master.

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System requirements.

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