Enterprise vs. Open Source

Puppet Enterprise is our commercial product for which we offer support and maintenance. It includes more than 40 open source projects, including Puppet, MCollective, PuppetDB, Hiera, and others that we’ve integrated, certified, performance-tuned, and security-hardened to make it a complete solution suitable for automating mission-critical enterprise infrastructure. In addition, it includes several capabilities found only in Puppet Enterprise, including event inspection, supported modules, role-based access control, configuration management and VMware cloud provisioning.

Use the below chart to compare the two products, and see which one is right for your organization.

FEATURES Open Source
Graphical User Interface

Puppet Enterprise's graphical user interface console enables you to quickly — and visually — discover and identify resources in your infrastructure, radically reducing time required to diagnose and solve problems.

Event Inspector - Visualize Infrastructure Changes

The event inspector, Puppet Enterprise's interactive reporting tool, helps you identify what changed, where, and how in your environment through the visual inspection of changes by classes, nodes, and resources. WATCH: Quick 2-minute demo.

Supported Modules

Puppet Enterprise supported modules are rigorously tested and validated by our engineers to ensure they perform reliably in production environments with ongoing support from Puppet Labs. These supported modules get you up and running faster on Puppet Enterprise without the need to write Puppet code, letting you automate the management of common tasks including: Apache, MySQL, NTP, PostgreSQL and Windows registry.

Provisioning – Amazon EC2

With Puppet or Puppet Enterprise, you can quickly provision and configure virtual machines on Amazon EC2. WATCH: Quick 5-minute demo.

Provisioning – Google Compute Engine

Stand up Google Compute Engine cloud infrastructure using Puppet Enterprise to automatically provision, classify, and configure nodes. WATCH: 7-minute demo.

Provisioning – VMware VMs

With our Puppet Enterprise offering, you can automatically provision and configure VMware private cloud instances from zero to fully operational in minutes. Learn more with the Provisioning with VMware how-to docs.

Configuration management – Discovery

Puppet Enterprise's live management feature enables you to discover resources and their configurations across hundreds of servers in seconds.

Configuration management – User accounts

The Puppet Enterprise console provides individual user management, access and authentication. Learn more.

Configuration management – Operating systems & applications

Puppet and Puppet Enterprise's declarative, model-based approach enables you to automate tasks at any stage of the IT infrastructure lifecycle, including the operating system and application level. Learn more.

2,000+ pre-built configurations on Puppet Forge

Jump-start your automation projects with access to over 2,000 pre-built, freely downloadable configuration modules on Puppet Forge, our online marketplace. VIDEO: See how fast you can get going (2 min).

Orchestration – Task automation

With Puppet Enterprise's live management feature, you can quickly deploy critical updates, like security patches, across hundreds of servers in seconds, or pro-actively initiate Puppet runs to update configurations and report changes.
Learn more.

Role-Based Access Control – Now with external authentication support

With the Puppet Enterprise, user accounts can be created that provide access to the console with read-only, read-write, or admin privileges. The console also supports the use of third-party authentication services such as Google Apps Directory, LDAP, or Active Directory. WATCH: Quick 3-minute demo.

Unified cross-platform installer of all components

Built as cross-platform software, Puppet Enterprise can operate on Linux distributions (including RHEL), Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, Ubuntu, and more. Learn more about the components and requirements for Puppet Enterprise.

Support – Option for 24 x 7 x 365

You can choose the standard Gold support that comes with Puppet Enterprise, or you can upgrade to the Platinum support that includes 24x7x365 support. Learn more about our support plans.

Support – Defined SLA

Puppet Enterprise support provides you with peace of mind and assurance of rapid resolution of issues through strict SLAs. Our support goes beyond traditional feature priority and issue resolution. Learn more about our support plans.

Certified by Puppet Labs engineers

Puppet Enterprise is pre-configured to offer out-of-the-box scalability and the performance levels required in large installations. All packages, including third-party products, are tested and QA’d by Puppet Labs engineers.

Pre-packaged dependencies in one directory

Puppet Enterprise packages the underlying components required, and bundles the requisite support and services necessary to support enterprise deployments. The following components are included in a single installer: Puppet components, puppet master, puppet Agent, Puppet Enterprise console, puppet module tool, Puppet Enterprise compliance, MCollective and Facter. Learn more about the components and requirements for Puppet Enterprise.

Smooth upgrade and maintenance path

With Puppet Enterprise, maintenance is included in your license. You always have access to the latest and greatest releases of the integrated platform. Check out the Puppet Enterprise FAQ.

Read more in Puppet Enterprise FAQs. Download Puppet Enterprise free now and manage up to 10 nodes.

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