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Puppet Enterprise Pricing

Puppet Enterprise pricing starts at around $100 per node per year — and comes with personalized support and maintenance to help you successfully deploy, develop and maintain your infrastructure.

Total # of Nodes Per Node/Year Standard Support Per Node/Year Premium Support
1-99 $112 Contact Sales
100-249 $105 $199
250-499 $99 $135
500-999 $95 $119
1000-2499 $93 $112
2500+ Contact Sales Contact Sales

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Pricing Questions

What does an annual subscription include?
Your annual subscription includes a 12-month license to use Puppet Enterprise, including Standard Support and Maintenance. For an extra price per node Premium Support is also available. Contact Sales for more information.

Can I purchase multiple years of a subscription upfront?
Yes, and you will enjoy a discount by doing so. Contact Sales to learn more.

What counts as a node?
A node is any physical or virtual system that is managed by Puppet. This could be a physical server in your data center, a virtual server in the cloud or even a desktop machine.

How do you measure when a node is in use?
Any signed certificate in your Certificate Authority counts as a node.

Will I have to manage a separate license key for each purchase of node licenses?
No. Each licensee will receive a single licence key for their deployment of Puppet Enterprise.

Can I pay for my license with a credit card?
Yes. We are in the process of adding an online capability to purchase your license. In the meantime you can Contact Sales and we will gladly accept a credit card payment for your Puppet Enterprise purchase.

Still have questions?
Check out our Licensing FAQ