Read details of our diversity program at PuppetConf 2015: 18 free tickets to underrepresented groups, travel sponsorship for qualifying speakers, and more.

Submit your proposal to speak at the top IT automation event of 2015. Travel scholarships available for women & people of color selected as speakers.

This year’s DevOps talks at PuppetConf were some of the most highly attended. Speakers covered the positive business impacts of automated continuous integration and testing, plus the benefits of measurement, smart hiring and more.

Continuous delivery and continuous integration were recurring themes of presentations and workshops at PuppetConf this year. We saw everything from real-world use cases to new projects and tools, like Beaker for automated testing and R10K for automated deployment. Check out the presentations we've rounded up below, and sign up to access video recordings of all of the below sessions and 80+ additional presentations from the event!

The second Contributor Summit brimmed with all types of community members and new product announcements to boot.

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It's been just over two weeks since PuppetConf 2014 wrapped up, and the recorded talks and workshops are now available!

Thank you to 7,000+ on-site and virtual attendees who helped make PuppetConf 2014 the IT automation event of the year!

Find out which Puppet matches your work style in the quiz, "Which Puppet Matches Your IT Personality?"

We hear from Luke Kanies; Dan Spurling of Getty Images; Alan Green of Sony Computer Entertainment America; Gareth Rushgrove; Sam Bashton; Ross Gardler of Microsoft Open Technologies; and James Turnbull.