Here are three must-see talks this year at PuppetConf, highlighting Martin Alfke, Robin Calhoun, and Alex Elman.

Read about the Contributor Summit, Puppet certification tests and trainings taking place at PuppetConf this year in Portland, OR.

Learn about the events at PuppetConf 2015 that will help you stay healthy and relaxed. This includes a PuppetConf 5K, quiet areas at the conference, hea;thy food options, and more!

Summer is here, which means PuppetConf 2015 is right around the corner. This year, PuppetConf 2015 will be held October 5-9 in Portland, OR and it’s going to be packed with keynotes, workshops and training sessions you won’t want to miss.

PuppetConf is going to be better than ever this year, with a party at OMSI, food carts, locally crafted beverages & an amazing speaker lineup.

Read details of our diversity program at PuppetConf 2015: 18 free tickets to underrepresented groups, travel sponsorship for qualifying speakers, and more.

Need a little help convincing the boss to fund your trip to PuppetConf? Here's a letter, 2015 edition, ready to copy & paste & add your own personal touches. (We've heard it's really effective!)

Submit your proposal to speak at the top IT automation event of 2015. Travel scholarships available for women & people of color selected as speakers.

The second Contributor Summit brimmed with all types of community members and new product announcements to boot.

See the results of our quiz, Which Puppet Matches Your IT Personality?


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