IT Automation Digest for January 4, 2012

  • Best of /r/Sysadmin 2012 (Reddit). IT jokes? 'How do I get started as a sysadmin...'? Reddit sysadmin AMA? What was *your* favorite thread?
  • Moving PaaS Beyond the Sound Bites in 2013 (CloudAve). "The genius of PaaS is that it actually incents developers by providing agility in exchange for compliance." Word.
  • SysAdvent Round-up (SysAdvent). There were so many awesome SysAdvent posts during December. Lots of Kindle and Instapaper reading goodness, if you haven't yet had a chance to consume them all. Thanks Jordan!
  • Dilbert: A Fresh New Year (Scott Adams). If you're on call January 1st, what do you expect?

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