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Puppet Labs' IT automation technologies is currently being used in some of the largest companies in the world supporting mission critical systems. See how some of these companies have used Puppet and Puppet Enterprise to solve their IT automation problems.

Featured Case Study: How GitHub Uses Puppet

We have a relatively small operations team, around 10 or 12 at this point. And we manage 500 nodes, and that's up from 200 not less than six months ago. So our continual growth, in order to support folks wanting to make their code public, that growth trajectory is only helped by Puppet enabling us to scale very quickly. James Fryman, Infrastructure Engineer at GitHub

Change Agents of Ops

See customer success stories from leaders like Getty Images, HP, Stanford University and more.

We have strong requirements for implementing a secure network. Not only did Puppet help us meet NIST requirements for configuration management and least privilege, the Puppet architecture itself proved to be extremely secure. Allan Marcus, Solutions Architect at Los Alamos National Laboratory