Service Testimonials

Customers on Our Professional Services

Puppet Labs has been instrumental in turning our ideas for system management into working tools capable of delivering automation needed in any systems administration environment. We can always count on them to find solutions to our needs and deliver them in a timely and cost-effect manner.

Digant Kasundra, Stanford University

Customers on Our Training Services

Puppet Labs Puppet training gave me invaluable insights into Puppet implementation best practices, providing the tools we needed to leverage Puppet more effectively within our organization.

Mark Bainter,

Puppet Labs' Puppet training provided my group with a solid foundation to build our Puppet implementation with. Teyo is an excellent instructor with real, practical experience and knowledge.

Kennon Kwok, UC San Diego

Puppet training gave me an excellent introduction to Puppet implementation best practices that will allow me and our organization to leverage Puppet effectively.

Mark Schena, Constant Contact

Training with Puppet Labs allowed me to more carefully configure and deploy puppet to a larger range of servers with more flexibility than I had been able to achieve on my own. Writing more flexible Puppet code means that I can quickly bring up new applications with confidence and scale them out if necessary.

Chris Mague, Sr. Operations Engineer, Brightroll

Several members of Solbright Operations team attended Puppet training in New York this year. We are happy to report that we realized excellent value, and readily recommend the experience to shops considering,
implementing, or already running Puppet. Training is ran by hands-on experts who are deeply involved in the ongoing development of Puppet, and have implemented Puppet-based solutions for environments across the world. Sessions are structured to ensure key concepts are thoroughly explained and hammered home with well-designed hands-on labs. Presentations and handouts are of excellent quality and are kept in sync with the evolution of Puppet software.

Besides formal training and hands-on labs, the event provided a chance to share notes and best practices on Puppet usage with both the trainers and other participants. There were lots of moments where things clicked
into place or we became aware of considerations we did not realize we were missing. Training by Puppet Labs was a key milestone in our adoption of Puppet. It sparked significant revisions of our Puppet implementation based on the knowledge gained through interactions with instructors and
other participants.

We are glad we had this opportunity to solidify our team`s understanding of Puppet and associated best practices early enough in our implementation of the tool. Training by Puppet Labs helped us
understand how to tailor Puppet to our environment and promote adoption. Investing in Puppet training is a great step towards a successful implementation. Let`s not forget that it helps support the development of Puppet - the tool that saves us all time and money.

Alex Fomin, Technical Operations Manager, Solbright Inc.

Puppet training was an excellent start with using Puppet. This helped us use Puppet to migrate production servers into the public Amazon Cloud (Amazon Web Services) and manage them over several months cost effectively with no interruptions. Without the safe feeling of having all the necessary puppet recipes and knowledge in our pocket in the case of a major incident, we hadn't dared step into the Cloud.

Hanspeter Christ, Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

The Puppet training I received was excellent and I was impressed by the level of the discussion in the session. Getting together to see how other Puppet users solve similar problems was absolutely essential to use a brilliant tool like Puppet to its full potential. Attending a training session will ensure that you get away from your busy day-to-day schedule to focus on learning. I would recommend it for anyone considering using Puppet.

Niklas Bloander, Swedish Defense Research Agency

Puppet training gave me a great foundation for using Puppet in our environment. We have been able to use the best practices that I learned to effectively leverage Puppet.

Paul Nguyen, Genentech

The Puppet Training from Puppet Labs was a great, practical, hands on introduction to working with this powerful tool. We were able to get the equivalent of years of experience distilled from other companies and Puppet users in one very rewarding course. I came in feeling like a rank beginner, and left feeling ready to train others in my company.

Joshua Barratt, Media Temple