Podcast: Getting Organized with Roles and Profiles

Greg Swift at Puppet Conf 2013

If you need a way to manage a large and complex infrastructure and gather all the parts of your Puppet manifests together, then this week’s podcast is for you!

Puppet Labs professional services engineer, James Sweeny, chats with Puppet certified Linux engineer, Greg Swift, about how he’s using the Roles and Profiles design model with much success at Rackspace. Don’t miss the conversation full of aha moments between James and Greg. (Even seasoned Puppet users will learn something new.)

Hear Greg explain:

  • Basics of roles and profiles
  • Importance of the roles and profiles design pattern
  • Wrapper modules
  • Workflow with version control around roles and profiles
  • Prioritization

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Matthew Barr

Matthew Barr

One thing mentioned was sharing profiles for modules on the forge. One option is to have a contrib / example directory in the module, that shows a good usage, but doesn't mandate it.. However, I'd love to see the wrapper/profile modules be better formalized. We've worked with this issue on both the Jenkins module (which I help maintain) and the Sensu module. (Different tacks taken on them, however.) It's also an issue on the puppetlabs-mcollective module, where you can set up the middleware server. It's basically including a profile for the middleware into the main module.

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