Open Source Puppet

Open Source Puppet is a declarative, model-based configuration management solution that lets you define the state of your IT infrastructure, using the Puppet language. Open Source Puppet then automatically enforces the correct configuration to ensure the right services are up and running, on the right platforms.

You can run Puppet on all major Linux and Unix platforms, Mac OS X, and Windows. It is available to download and use under the Apache 2.0 license.

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise the flagship commercial product from Puppet Labs, is developed, packaged and proven for enterprise-scale IT to help you deliver new applications and features, faster and more reliably. You get all of the benefits of Open Source Puppet, plus Puppet Apps, commercial-only enhancements, supported modules and integrations, and the confidence that comes with using a fully supported platform.

The Puppet Forge

The Puppet Forge is an important resource for both Open Source Puppet and Puppet Enterprise users. Here you’ll find 3,000-plus modules — reusable, sharable pre-written Puppet code for automating a large number of common admin tasks. Forge modules are created by Puppet Labs and by Puppet community members.

Puppet Enterprise customers get full support for Puppet Supported modules as part of their license agreement. These modules are fully tested for use with current versions of Puppet Enterprise across multiple platforms. They’re easy to set up, implement and manage with Puppet Enterprise.

The Puppet Community

The Puppet Community includes thousands of sysadmins and developers, with more joining every week. Community members actively collaborate and help each other by:

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Although most Linux distributions include Open Source Puppet, to get the latest version we recommend you download the binaries from our website.

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Open Source Puppet

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