Open Source Puppet

Open Source Puppet is a declarative, model-based configuration management solution that lets you define the state of your IT infrastructure, using the Puppet DSL. Open Source Puppet then automatically enforces the correct configuration, making sure the right services are up and running. By automating these manual tasks, you free up time to work on projects that deliver greater business value.

You can run it on all major Linux and Unix platforms, Mac OS X, and Windows. It is free to download and use under the Apache 2.0 license.

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is the commercial product from Puppet Labs, offering out-of-the-box capabilities for tackling IT automation challenges that go beyond the configuration management features provided by Open Source Puppet.

The Puppet Forge

The Puppet Forge is an important resource for people who use both Open Source Puppet and Puppet Enterprise. Here you'll find more than 3,000 open source modules – pre-written bundles of Puppet code and data – for automating a large number of common tasks. Available for free, Forge modules are created at Puppet Labs as well as by Puppet community members.

Modules can be re-used across your infrastructure – physical, virtual and cloud – and across operating systems. You can combine modules to create complete application configuration stacks that share common configurations, and you can write custom Puppet modules for your own special requirements.

The Puppet Community

The Puppet Community is an engaged group of sysadmins and developers – thousands of them, with more joining every week. Community members actively collaborate by:

Get Open Source Puppet

Although most Linux distributions include Open Source Puppet, to get the latest version we recommend you download the binaries from our website.

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