DevOps: Deliver Value at the Speed of Business

Achieve Speed and Reliability

It's hard to think about investing in the future when you’re constantly fighting fires. Automation – the foundation for many DevOps practices – helps you move faster without sacrificing stability or security. You can eliminate manual and siloed processes, and move to an automated and collaborative way of working. Change is hard, but the rewards are great. By adopting DevOps practices, you'll achieve greater speed and reliability and also set yourself up for future innovation and growth.

Automate, Rinse and Repeat

With Puppet Enterprise, take a phased approach to change by automating the things that are painful first and building the foundation for greater collaboration across teams. You don’t have to automate your entire application stack all at once. You can start small – standardizing OS configurations or critical services – and work your way up. By treating your infrastructure as code, you can use software development best practices, including version control, code review, and continuous delivery, to ensure pain-free deployments.

Learn How DevOps Practices Deliver Results

We surveyed 9,200 technical professionals from around the world, making this the largest and most comprehensive DevOps survey to date. We found that high-performing IT organizations deploy code 30 times more frequently with 50 percent fewer failures. Download the report to learn which DevOps practices deliver real results and how to create a culture of high performance.

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Real Customers, Real Results

"The constant discussion between software and infrastructure teams really helps us proactively find issues before deploying to production. We all benefit from working together more efficiently. Everyone is interested in making our services better, and everyone is thinking bigger scale."

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"Our brand of DevOps here at Disney meshes with the collaborative culture of the company. The Disney culture is all about candor, collaboration, creative challenges, and courage to move the needle. It’s about initiating new concepts, new ideas, and new compelling stories we want to tell."

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"We had to shore up development to do continuous integration and continuous deployment, and we had to shore up on the ops side of the house. That's where Puppet came into play."

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