Microsoft Azure & Windows

Provision and Manage Azure VMs

With Puppet Enterprise you can automate the entire lifecycle of your Azure infrastructure, from initial provisioning through application deployment. Our supported Azure module allows you to provision and manage Azure VMs to ensure consistency and visibility into your infrastructure.

To see it in action, watch the PuppetConf 2015 talk presented by Scott Hanselman and Rob Reynolds below.

We also partnered with Microsoft to integrate Puppet Enterprise in the Azure portal. This extension allows you to bootstrap the Puppet agent when you create a new Windows VM, making it simple to rapidly automate the configuration and management of your Azure infrastructure. To get started:

Automate Your Windows Server Environments

Puppet Enterprise allows you to manage all aspects of your Windows server environments, including core admin tools like the Registry and ACLs and business critical applications like SQL Server and IIS. Puppet Enterprise helps you:

  • Automate repetitive, manual tasks by enforcing the desired state of your system
  • Get full visibility into changes in your infrastructure
  • Deploy faster, more frequently, and more reliably

For enterprise customers that want extra assurance, we offer several supported modules. Supported modules are rigorously tested, maintained for long term use, compatible with a broad range of platforms, and fully supported by Puppet Labs.

Puppet Supported Modules Puppet Approved Modules

The Windows module pack is a pre-assembled collection of all the Puppet Supported and Puppet Approved modules admins need to manage their Windows environments. With one command, you can install all of the Puppet Supported and Approved modules in the pack. To learn more, check our our Windows docs.

Puppet and Microsoft Visual Studio

Developers can now write and validate their Puppet modules in Visual Studio and publish them directly to the Puppet Forge. This gives developers and operations teams a single tool to manage their infrastructure, facilitating better cross-team collaboration and making it easier for everyone to do their jobs.

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Deploying Puppet Enterprise in Microsoft Azure

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Real Customers, Real Results

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