Microsoft Windows and Azure

With Puppet Enterprise, you can easily configure and manage your Windows environments. Whether you are managing a large datacenter, are taking advantage of Microsoft Azure, or a combination of both, Puppet Enterprise lets you manage your Microsoft Windows machines faster than ever. 

Additionally, you can extend automation to several key Windows functions, including the Windows Registry, IIS and PowerShell using modules available on the Puppet Forge, a repository of over 2,100 modules contributed by the Puppet community.

Managing Windows with Puppet

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Puppet Enterprise and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure makes it easy to create new virtual machines in minutes. But what good does that do you if it still takes you three weeks to configure them?

Together, Microsoft and Puppet Labs have integrated Puppet Enterprise with Microsoft Azure. With a click, you can add a Puppet Agent to your Windows Virtual Machine, making it simple to rapidly automate the configuration and management of your Azure infrastructure.

Creating a Puppet Master in Azure is simple, too. A free Puppet Enterprise trial is available in the Azure Gallery, so you can quickly and easily deploy a pre-configured Puppet Master image.