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Learn Puppet

Now with fun quests to learn Puppet at your own pace

The new and improved Learning VM — along with its companion Quest Guide — is here to help you level up on Puppet. Explore the technology in depth with a series of detailed, multi-step quests. Master topics such as accessing the Puppet Enterprise console, writing and using Puppet modules, and delving into Puppet resources, manifests, facts and more.

Ready to get started?

  1. Select your virtual machine format of choice and register.
  2. Download the zip file containing the Quest Guide and a pre-configured VM with Puppet Enterprise already installed.
  3. Follow the instructions to set up your VM and Quest Guide, and you'll be on your path to learning Puppet!


Minimum requirements

  • Internet-enabled laptop or desktop computer with 10GB free space, 4GB memory and 2.5+ Ghz CPU
  • VMX format: Mac users install VMware Fusion. Linux or PC users install VMware Player.
  • OVF format: Install Oracle Virtualbox or a non-VMware virtualization software of your choice.

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