Puppet Enterprise

Speed. Scale. Flexibility. Efficiency.

Puppet Enterprise makes it easy to automate the provisioning, configuration and ongoing management of your machines and the software running on them. Make rapid, repeatable changes and automatically enforce the consistency of systems and devices – across physical and virtual machines, on premise or in the cloud.

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  • Reduce cycle times to get more software deployed
  • Make fast, iterative changes
  • Define a configuration once, and apply it to thousands of machines
  • Automatically remediate configuration drift
  • Get detailed insight into hardware and software configurations
  • Core Features
  • Puppet Apps
  • Enterprise Features
  • Integrations
  • Enterprise Support
  • > Core Features

    Nearly 25,000 IT organizations have adopted Puppet Enterprise and Open Source Puppet to automate the configuration and ongoing management of systems and the software on them. There are core capabilities available to both Puppet Enterprise and Open Source Puppet.

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    Puppet Enterprise
  • > Puppet Apps

    Purpose-built applications that solve IT automation challenges in new and efficient ways. Leverage these apps to save time managing nodes, ensure reliable deployments and easily manage Puppet code from dev to test to production.

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    Puppet Enterprise
  • > Enterprise Features

    Enhancements for teams managing enterprise workloads and complex production environments. Puppet Enterprise-only capabilities help organizations achieve DevOps initiatives and deliver new applications and features faster and more reliably.

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    Puppet Enterprise
  • > Integrations

    Make your life easier. Fully supported modules and integrations provide extra business value from Puppet Enterprise.

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    Puppet Enterprise
  • > Enterprise Support

    You get a supported platform, plus access to training, support and professional services to ensure long term success with Puppet Enterprise.

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    Puppet Enterprise
"Configuration management is really just code for automation. You hand cycles back to engineers who were doing a lot of manual work, and now those cycles are invested into the future."

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"Changes are made to production environments so quickly that no maintenance windows are necessary. Before Puppet Enterprise, multi-hour maintenance windows were regularly a necessity."

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"Puppet Enterprise fundamentally changed what we were able to do as a company, and the speed with which we were able to deliver."

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