What is Puppet?

Automate. Move Faster. Increase Reliability.

It's not easy being in IT operations today. The volume and complexity of infrastructure you manage is growing and getting smarter. On top of that, you've got demands from the business to do more and faster, without sacrificing security and reliability. How do you strike that balance?

Get More Done in Less Time

With Puppet, you define the state of your IT infrastructure, and Puppet automatically enforces the desired state. Puppet automates every step of the software delivery process, from provisioning of physical and virtual machines to orchestration and reporting; from early-stage code development through testing, production release and updates.

  • Free up time to work on projects that deliver more business value
  • Ensure consistency, reliability and stability
  • Facilitate closer collaboration between sysadmins and developers

Why Puppet Matters

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We offer two solutions for configuration management and data center automation:

Open Source Puppet

The most commonly used open source project in the Puppet ecosystem, Open Source Puppet is designed to help system administrators automate the many repetitive tasks they regularly perform.

Puppet Enterprise

A comprehensive, fully supported enterprise solution that combines the benefits of the Open Source Puppet approach plus commercial-only enhancements, Puppet Apps and supported integrations.

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Puppet Enterprise

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