Next-Generation Provisioning

System administrators require the same agility and productivity from their hardware infrastructure that they get from the cloud. In response, Puppet Labs and EMC collaboratively developed Razor, a next-generation physical and virtual hardware provisioning solution. Puppet Enterprise with Razor automates every phase of the IT infrastructure lifecycle, from bare-metal to fully deployed applications. Razor provides unique capabilities for managing hardware infrastructure, including:

  • Auto-Discovered Real-Time Inventory Data
  • Dynamic Image Selection
  • Policy-Based Provisioning
  • Open APIs and Plug-in Architecture

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“Virtualization and cloud computing have forever changed the way IT environments are built and managed. By contributing to the Razor project, EMC is delivering critical provisioning tools required for the success of this open source community—thereby accelerating cloud adoption.”

- Dan Hushon, EMC

Auto-Discovered Real-Time Inventory Data

Razor provides auto-discovered, real-time inventory data for every hardware node, eliminating inefficient, error-prone manual processes. As a result, you get full insight into the latest, up-to-date status of your hardware inventory.

Dynamic Image Selection

Razor automatically selects the correct operating system image based on the auto-discovered, real-time inventory data, removing the need for manual intervention whenever there is a change in hardware configuration.

Policy-Based Provisioning

Razor uses IT defined policy to specify the desired state of each hardware node and its operating system, automatically tracks provisioning progress toward this state, and can even decide when to re-provision. This gives you full control over a node’s boot sequence and a complete log of its lifecycle.

Open APIs and Plug-in Architecture

With RESTful open APIs, Razor gives you full programmatic control of the rules and models that govern operating system image selection and hardware provisioning. Furthermore, with a modular architecture, Razor enables the Puppet community to collaborate and share plug-ins to support any operating system and any boot sequence.

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NOTE: Razor is currently available from Puppet Labs as a tech preview in Puppet Enterprise giving customers early access to product innovations with the ability to evaluate functionality and provide feedback. As a tech preview Razor is not fully supported with Puppet Enterprise and not intended for production use. More information on Puppet Labs tech preview can be found here.